Wireless Qi Coolcharger Pad For Samsung Galaxy S6/ S6 Edge / S6 Edge+ / Note 5 / Iphone / CAT / Blackberry / Google / HTC / Nokia / Sony / Others | 0-2 Day Handling

Description – This is a wireless charge based on the Qi Wireless charging standard used by most popular smartphone manufactures. Unlike standard Qi Wireless charging systems this version allow your phone to charge at a much cooler temperature. It does this by integrating the Qi-Wireless charging platform into a special alloy aluminum heat sink/channel that conducts heat away from your smartphone. This reduces the heat stress upon your battery allowing it to last much longer and have higher performance. It measures 8 x 3.5 x .75in in size.

As manufactures push to lower the weight and increase the durability of smartphones more and more are resorting to non-replaceable batteries in their devices. Failure of your battery in these devices can cost you $100s of a dollars in repairs or replacement of the device itself. The amount in which Coolcharger can lower your charging temperature varies widely depending upon your device, ambient temperatures, and software use. However temperature reductions of 20 to 70 degrees with increased life spans of 2-3 times are possible.

Basic features of the Coolcharge are:

Lower Charging Temperature: The cool charger pulls the heat away from the device and dissipates it as it is charging. This is less stress on your phone and battery.

Faster Charging: Some Qi Chargers have integrated circuits that cut off the charging if the temperatures get too hot. Usually these cut off temperatures are far too hot to be best for your battery. The Qi Coolcharger keep the temperature cool and allows you to charge continuously for the most rapid and cool charge possible.

Longer Battery Life: Less heat stress on your battery during charging means longer and higher performing battery life. Save $100s of dollars over the life of your device.

Instant USB plug and play: No special modifications or software required. Works with any Qi-Wireless enabled device and any power source that has a standard USB port.

Lightweight: Weighing only 5oz it is easy to carry around to another location.

Special Aluminum Alloy: Lightweight and strong and high heat conductivity to carry heat away.

Thermal Coating: High performance coating to further increase the heat conductivity to carry heat away.


Package Includes:

1x Coolcharger

1x Micro to standard USB



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