Compact Sluice Box - Gold Prospecting 5.5 x 1.5 x 12, 21, 24in Lengths. | 0-2 Day Handling

 Description – This is a sluice box for gold prospecting. Our most popular and economical model is the 24in(we also offer a 48in model). It is a compact solution that fits into your travel plans. You can take this with you on your travels and use to explore for gold in remote locations before bringing in your bigger equipment. It is manufactured in NC. It's simplified design makes it easy to travel with and lowers cost. It comes with rubber notched mat, with optional Expanded Metal and a Riffle Ladder. It separates gold from soil by the aid of flowing water that causes the gold to get caught in the layered mats, expanded metal, and riffle ladders.

 Models – You can chose different model and different lengths based your your needs. The models are:

Basic: Comes with high density V-Ribbed matting. This is not glued in to give your more fexibility and by request of most of our customers. Some people may choose to glue this in with contact cement.

Standard: This has been our most popular option. Includes everything with the basic plus the expanded metal. The Expanded Metal give you ability to classify can catch gold or gems that are bigger that what can be caught in the V-Ribbed matting. The openings are about .5 x 1in.

Deluxe: Includes everything with the Standard plus the Riffle Ladder. The Riffle Ladder adds another degree of classification and swirls of water to better help catch more gold. Our ladder is 100% welded aircraft grade aluminum assembly. It has more strength and more wear resistance that other alloys. The Riffle Ladder does not block the surface area or the efficiency of the V-Ribbed matting and the Expanded Metal. This increases the efficiency of the ability of V-Ribbed matting and the Expanded Metal to catch more gold.

 We have different lengths depending on your needs and budget:

12 In. - Same features less length

21 In. - (Airline Prospector) Fits into standard carry on airline baggage

24 In. - Same features more length



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